This is a page detailing characters that have either only appeared once or are too minor to warrant their own page.

Minor humansEdit

  • Anne - Anne is a travelling musician who aided Crystal's group during their stay in Accumula Town. She has a Tranquill named Lullaby who decided to travel with their group to guide them. She has mentioned a brother named Patrick who lives with her.
  • Patrick - Patrick is Anne's brother and a travelling musician. He is absent during the group's stray in Accumula Town and presumed to be on the road performing.
  • Jackie - Jackie is the owner of a Pokémon orphanage where she helps rehabilitate Pokémon who have lost or been abandoned by theri owners. Baokkie and Hiyakkie were in her care before joining Silver and Brendan's teams. Yanappu is still under care, though seemingly unwillingly.
  • Amanita - Amanita is Fennel's younger sister and an adept computor programer, responisble for the development of the C-Gear and the Unova Pokémon storage system.
  • Marumine - Marumine is Lt. Surge's receptionist and the Vermilion Gym's referee. Her name is the same as Electrode's Japanese name.
  • Zach - Zach is one of Elm's assistants. He was on the plane to Unova that crashed along with Crystal's Group. He is currently aiding the professors at Juniper's lab.
  • Nate - Nate is Syabi's former trainer. According to Syabi, he was quite smart, but was still "fooled by those idiots." He has apparently come into contact with the same Musharna that Crystal did, as the Mock Riley has stated that he visited a boy named "Nate or something"'s dreams. He also stated that Nate was perfectly fine with the Mock Riley taking his form.

Minor PokémonEdit

  • Lullaby - Lullaby is a Tranquill that belongs to Anne. She decided to travel with Crystal's group to guide them.

Characters of The DayEdit

  • Joltik's Web Electronics Guy - The Joltik's Web Electronics guy appeared in Chapter 13 when Crystal's group was exploring Accumula Town. He has a dislike of the group ever since Blue brushed him off when he tried to sell them an expensive phone.
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