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The main Legendaries of Crystal - Dawn of a new Champion

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Welcome to the offical Crystal - Dawn of a new Champion wikia, run by Raven Nevermore herself! If you notice one of the pages is missing major information, please feel free to add it! Been too long since the last chapter? Please stop by the synopsis pages to freshen your memory! Most importantly, have fun!

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Crystal - Dawn of a new Champion is a Pokémon WWFFY started on Quizilla and continued on You-Fic written by Raven Nevermore. Featuring a large cast of characters, Crystal - Dawn of a new Champion stars Crystal Dawn, a talented young trainer who hasn't quite figured out what she wants to do with her talents. But after bumping into a boy from Pallet Town she heads to Unova with her three best friends and two other boys from Pallet Town. In Unova she meets many new Pokémon - not to mention a mysterious boy and one from Sinnoh - and makes an army of friends - and foes. On the way to the Unova League Crystal must face the eight Gyms and their leaders, bumping into the well-meaning-but-misguided Team Plasma more than she'd like between battles.

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