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Chapter Synopsis
1 Crystal and Pokabu defeat a Bellsprout; Silver and Brendan bicker; Crystal and Wally take Erlade to the Pokémon Center.
2 Crystal meets Red and Blue
3 Crystal announces that she is going to challenge the Vermilion Gym
4 Crystal schedules a fight at the Vermilion Gym. While there, she bumps into Red and Blue. They go to the pier where they run into Gold
5 Red & Gold argue; Gold "meets" Crystal; Brendan has a hissy fit; Gold tells everyone about Unova
6 Crystal challenges the Gym; Digda wins against Electrode; Koji and Electabuzz tie; Pokabu gets Paralyzed
7 Crystal almost gets hit by Shock Wave; Digda loses against Raichu She ties her battle but wins the badge; Silver kisses her; She accepts Gold's offer to go to Unova
8 Red wins his battle 3:0; Blue loses his battle 3:1; Crystal, her boys and the Pallet Town boys journey to Celadon; Gold confesses some of what his fight with Red is about; Crystal and Co. meet Zach, Elm's assistant; The group gets on the plane to Unova; Wally & Brendan bicker; Silver tries to take back his kiss; Crystal sees a fireball headed for the plane
9 Crystal is saved by N; The gang heads to Juniper's lab
10 They meet the professors at Juniper's lab; One of the boys tells Crystal he cares for her; She mistakes him for Gold; Crystal and her boys get Pokédexes; They meet Cheren and Bianca
11 Crystal runs into N outside the lab; N joins the group; Crystal meets Haderia; Haderia joins the group
12 The group arrives in Accumula; N leaves the group; Haderia joins Wally's team; The group attends a Plasma rally; N fights Crystal then leaves; The gang runs into Lullaby
13 The gang meets Lullaby & her trainer, Anne; Anne tells them a story about the Zoroark; The gang goes sight-seeing; Crystal & Blue get Xtranscievers; Lullaby joins the group
14 The gang meets Audrey, Daikenki and Syabi, who join the group; Gold clears the air with Crystal; Red kisses Crystal; Blue catches them, but they don't realize how much he saw
15 The group arrives in Striaton; They meet Fennel and are asked to help her with her project; At the Dream Yard; Crystal gets hit by Dream Smoke & meets Baokkie, Hiyakkie, & Yanappu; Mock N messes with Crystal's mind; Crystal wakes up & meets the Elemental Monkeys for real; The group meets Jackie; Baokkie joins Silver's team; Hiyakkie joins Brendan's team; Crystal tries to help Yanappu
16 The group meets Dent; Crystal & the Pallet boys challenge the Striaton Gym & meet the Gym leaders, finding out Dent is actually Gym leader Cilan; Red wins against Cilan; Gold wins against Cress; Blue wins against Chili; Crystal loses against Cress
17 Pokabu is taken to the hospital; Blue carries Crystal there; Brendan kisses Crystal to calm her down; Crystal goes to the Dream Yard to clear her head and runs into two Plasma grunts who are picking on Bianca and her Munna; She fights the grunts, almost dying in the process; Dream Smoke causes the grunts to pause; Riley and Lulu step in, saving her life; They take her back to the hospital, where she is admitted; Lulu helps Crystal discover why she wants to get stronger; Crystal has another Dream Mist nightmare;
18 TBA
19 TBA
20 TBA
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